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Beyond Challenges to Combating Corruption: Quest for Multi-Perspective Approaches



This paper is a critique of the challenges to combating corruption against the backdrop of understanding the fact that combating corruption defies a mono-discipline approach. This is hinged on the idea that there is need for an all-inclusive approach, capable of accommodating the cumulative tendencies operating to impose a holistic effect on the concerted efforts, together with sensitizing the general society of the overall menace of corruption not merely in the society but extending to and not limited to the state and family institutions. Furthermore, an effort will be made to critically examine the identified challenges connected with the theories and socio-legal perspectives that must act accordingly to accommodate the role and impact of state officials, professionals, global and institutional arrangements. Against this backdrop, the paper explores the function of many and varied segments of the society in redounding to the stalemate affecting the overall success of combating corruption. The author posits that a successful resolution of these issues will operate to illuminate on the necessary approach fundamental to checking corruption. The author therefore maintains that laws can work better if they are enforced. There must be a resolve to enforce legislations as well as ensuring positive action on corruption by denying corrupt leaders a chance to secure stolen resources in any country. There is also the call for positive action on corruption to thwart its attendant social effects and to ensure that vital information is not fettered or diverted by corrupt officials to promote criminals or criminal syndicates, but however, employed to benefit the law enforcement authorities.

Authors: Nwadei H. Nally